Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monolog Cards

The monolog characters show up again this Christmas, each having something to say....

Merry Christmas & Happy NEW Year... :)

Thank you CHIRAK for printing these cards for me.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Family's Favorites

A few good dessert recipes, that were my family's favorites for years, are gathered in this little cookbook. By favorite, certainly we don't mean delicious to eat, but more like fun to make... So you'll find all the tiny little key steps to prepare these recipes in this book, all you have to do is to follow the pictures, only little reading is needed... no need to worry.

The making of this book was fun itself, a good family activity... The main idea of the book was to maintain the recipes for our generation (that is for me and my sister!). I wanted it to be easy to understand and practical to use, that explains the loads of pictures with a few lines of words and its standing ability, so it can stand on the kitchen counter and you don't need to flip pages searching for steps and ingredients, you can just take a quick peek to the numbered pictures and you'll  know where you are.

Now, let me tell what you'll find in there... it starts with a delicious recipe of my mother's own, its called chocolate balls with biscuits, nuts and dried fruit. Then there's the choux pastry to make éclair; custard, a very useful filling used in many desserts; chocolate mousse; sablé dough to make sablé cookies and tart; kenefé bjebné, a delicious Lebanese breakfast and last but not least, pineapple cake with sponge cake. (As I mentioned before its a small book!! not to much recipes... for now!)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Celebrate a Culture

Upside Down Event Organizers are holding an event, "Celebrate a Culture", the Armenian culture is the theme of the event, everything is going to be Armenian, the foods, the drinks, the songs, Armenian folklore dances and lots more... The poster was going to translate all that into a visual, so I was  inspired by the Armenian culture and in particular the Armenian costumes. This event is sponsored by DONKIN DONUTS and its going to be held on Saturday 31st of March. For all those interested feel free to come and celebrate the Armenian culture.